¡Sit in the skin of the old painter apprentice!


Studying composition and natural forms.


Practicing all painting and drawing techniques.


Learning the artisanal elaboration of the materials.


Discovering the theories of light, chiaroscuro and color.


Discover the expresive resources of drawing and painting: work space preparation, composition, chiaroscuro, perspective, color theory, textures, etc.


Learn how to craft  materials:  how to assemble a frame or prime a canvas, make paintings such as egg tempera or knead and piper oils, etc.


In the last quarter you will approach an own creative project: An  oil painting on canvas or table dowhere you can express your poetic CAPACITY aplying the knowledge acquired during the course.


  • 1 Clase a la semana

  • 75mes
  • Una clase a la semana de dibujo y pintura o mirar un cuadro
  • 2 Clases a la semana

  • 100mes
    • Dos clases de dibujo y pintura


    • Una clase de dibujo y pintura y una clase de mirar un cuadro

  • Tarifa Plana

  • 150mes
    • Asistencia a todas las clases de Dibujo y Pintura
    • Clases de Mirar un cuadro
    • Acceso libre al taller



  • Thursday morning from 11:00 to 14:00


  • Thursday  afternoon from 16:30 to 19:30


  • Free workshop: from monday to friday from 10:00 to 20:30 (except class schedule)


Pintura y DibujoMirar un CuadroPintura y Dibujo (niños)Taller de Creatividad

60€ (niños)75€ (1 clase)100€ (2 clases)100€ (niños)150€ (taller libre)


Is it necessary to have previous experience?

No. In the workshop you can start at any level and the student will always be guided by the teacher.

If you miss a class, could you recover?

Yes. If the student misses one or more classes, while there is space available, he can recover the most convenient day by giving advance notice. We know that sometimes it is inevitable to miss classes so we try to give as much flexibility as possible.

How can I pay?

The monthly payments as well as other expenses will be paid in the space the first week of the month in cash or by bank transfer.

What materials do I need to start?

All the materials to start in the drawing and painting classes are included in the registration. This includes: Charcoals, pencils of different hardnesses, eraser, blurrs, cotton rags, bodybuilding tape, Ingres paper / watercolor paper, watercolors, easel, etc. In addition, the maintenance of the library is included in the registration, which the student can freely use.